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05-30-2013, 07:05 AM
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Originally Posted by habsfanatics View Post
I remember that thread, I was pretty much alone in there aside from a couple others. I was attacked daily by the fan boy club. It is what it is. Some were suggesting8-8.5m, others were suggesting 60-70m. Almost everyone was happy with 6.5million. others were arguing for 10 year contracts ect ect. Not an inch of foresight in the entire thread for the most part.

I argued that 6.5 m was way too steep for his current accomplishments and there was no reason to rush to get this done if we weren't going to save some cash. This deal and the lack of deal for PK Subban are two of the biggest head scratchers for me. We actually have one guy who's play is like one of the top 5 in position (Subban) vs someone who's play isn't(Price). Before anyone argues hindsight, PK Subban was playing like a top 5 dman prior to this year too, he just didn't have the godly point totals to get recognition, his stats in all 3 zones were elite. Many here didn't even know it, so I'll take their player evaluation skills with a grain of salt.

We decided that the guy who embraces playing in Montreal and thrives in pressure situations needed to improve as a person. Bergevin got these two backwards imo.
I was raked over the coals for saying that Price had not earned that deal and if he's going to get paid that money, then he better play like it. Then I referenced Quick's contract and was told that Quick is older (as if that had anything to do with it). @ everyone back then thinking that contract was fair value.

Also, PK was not playing like a top 5 dman but he played better than a lot of people around here thought... Probably the same clowns that wanted him replaced by Diaz and traded for Couturier.

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