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05-30-2013, 07:30 AM
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Originally Posted by deandebean View Post
Results withstanding, the disturbing part of Price's comments is that he feels oppressed. Which is, to be honest, surprising. It is not true that hockey players in Montreal feel the heat in their daily chores. Sure, they get asked for autographs and get asked for photos. But they do not get heckled to death and do not get paparazzied like Price says. For him to say he can't go to the grocery store is ludicrous. The guy has got issues. There were some rumors of his mental 'breakdown' the year Halak went for it. They were only rumors, and I didn't give them any credibility. Today, in hindsight, not so sure.
Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
The "problem" is also the improvement. You look at Quick and you see that he improves year after year. Yes, he had some trouble this 110% of players after a cup....You look at Rask and see the improvement. Look at Howard and see it. You'd also look at a worst goalie than Price like Dubnyk and do see the improvement nonetheless. While you might be seeing from Price is ups and downs. There's just no real improvement. Or at the very worst, some steadiness in what should have been a great career from the start based on everything that happpened before....and every chance he had to shine. But it's not too late.....but it's getting dark....
So why did he sign with the Habs this past summer? Why not tell MB I don't enjoy playing in Montreal, I would like to be traded. It would be best for me & for you.

Also, MB at the post season PC admitted he was a little surprised by Price's grocery store comment and a little concern. That tells me Price never let on to management about his "discomfort" level in Montreal. Either that or Marc Bergevin is a clueless moron who doesn't understand when people speak to him. And I don't think Marc Bergevin is a clueless moron.

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