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Originally Posted by Cake or Death View Post
Not to remove any of Nash's performance by placing it on the coaches, but point totals and pressure levels do get hurt by this team's horrific PP. If the PP scores even 3 or 4 more goals in the playoffs, Nash's point total probably goes up enough that the scrutiny is a little lighter. I know Nash is paid to score, but he isn't the coach, does not draw up the PP or offensive schemes, and he's one guy. And the PP was a wreck before Nash got here, so it really is on the coaches. I mean, when a coaching staff starts a season with Nash and Gaborik, both of whom are top 10 in goals and goals per game since the lockout, and the team still cannot put a functional PP on the ice, you have to look towards the coaches quite a bit.

The horrific PP doesn't just affect Nash, it's discouraging for the entire team. Essentially every player hits the ice and their 5-on-5 game essentially has to outscore what the opposition does 5-on-5 and on the PP. Long term, there is no possible way to win like that. Mentally I can't see how players could play like that - from the goalie out to the forwards that is a ridiculously high-pressure disadvantage to be in.

Some components of Nash's game in the playoffs left a lot to be desired and he often looked a lot like a guy playing in his first real playoffs on a decent team. At the same time, I'd like to have seen the momentum gain, energy surge, breathing space or reduction in pressure a couple of PP goals could've provided, not just for Nash, but the entire team, goalie included. The lack of an efficient PP made things infinitely more difficult on the players and required them to have to do so much more at ES to win games. Players cannot play at that kind of disadvantage and win for any duration. Especially a guy like Nash and the coverage he's seeing 5-on-5 in the playoffs.

Not making any excuses for anyone, and by no means laying all the blame at the coaches either. I am simply offering an angle to consider, and nothing more.
this is an excellent, well written assessment. I don't view it as merely an angle, but the focal point of why this team wouldn't advance under Tortorella. You cannot underestimate how important a function power play or lack thereof has on a team. Trying to win games @ ES night after night into the playoffs is, nearly impossible to sustain.

Hockey is a game of momentum, and it can turn on a dime with a PP goal. The Rangers body language was that they gave up. You saw each and every time they had the man advantage.
Our former coach (boy i liked saying that! ) totally absolved himself from the responsibility
of constructing a functioning power play in 5 years!!!

A functioning powerplay could have been the difference on some many nights.

If Torts was fired on this one point alone, I'm totally satisfied. All his replacement would need to do first is get this in order and we'd be well on our way to taking the next steps...

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