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Originally Posted by Pierre Dagenais View Post
What about Abidal? He's leaving Barcelona
I don't like the idea of signing either box to box guys, target men, or fullbacks( which Adidal is). Those positions are easier to fill within North America, and are very reliant on athletic ability and enduring - ie: unless its a very offensive fullback, which Abidal is not.

I'd rather see additions in the form of players that do not exist in North America.
Box-to-box midfielders main role is to be a full field presence, and frankly whether its Bernier, Arnaud, it doesn't matter as long as he's good by MLS standards and can chip in offensively, defensively and help support the skilled players.

Fullbacks same thing. Athletic ability & pace are very important for these positions. These can be addressed within the realm of North American players.

Target man (ie: Wenger) same thing. These guys are useful if they can provide an aerial presence (which is mostly athletic), and do grunt work. Once again, address within North America.

Also Box-to-Box wingers should be dealt with inside North America. Ie: I would not get Christian Maggio from Napoli for example (well I would), but it isn't the best choice IMO.

I believe the positions that should be dealt with internationally are primarily:
1. Centrebacks - a huge part of our success is Nesta-Ferrari, and their effect on the whole team. Nesta I firmly believe helps the domestic defenders as well. The "consensus" best defender in the world, Thiago Silva, played with Nesta for a few seasons, and his performance steadily improved with Nesta.

An elite centre-back makes it very hard for MLS players, which lack creativity compared to Europeans to do as well. Even against the Whitecaps yesterday, Nesta made so many key plays.

2. Striker - If you can get an elite striker who is dynamic (ie: not a target man), like a Di Vaio who is great at finding channels, he will destroy MLS defense lines. Whether Henry, Di Vaio, getting those types of cerebral, skilled forwards is always a huge advantage.

3. Attacking Midfield/Crafty Winger - These don't necessarily need to DPs but should be international IMO. Ex: Felipe & Romero. These guys have so much skill, and add creativity to the offense and make it easy for Di Vaio,

4. Defensive Midfield - A good destroyer makes it extremely hard for opponents. A good one (like Ambrosini) or even Torsten Frings on TFC can really improve a team. When TFC had Frings they were actually half-decent.

IMO, if I'm building an MLS team, I add:
1 DP CB, 1 International Loaner CB
1 CAM DP, 1-2 Winger loaners internationally

and then deal with the box-to-box and other roles in North America.

The most ideal pick-up for the impact right now is an attacking midfielder or destroyer (mediano).

Destroyers who might be feasible - Cambiasso, Ambrosini, Gattuso, Simone Perrotta, Christian Ledesma, Dejan Stankovic (Not Italian but lots of serie A experience, played with Nesta for a while - Lazio connection).

Attacking Midfielders: Stefano Mauri would be great - Lazio connection, Antonio Cassano (maybe not now, but in a few years - he would dismantle the MLS - his only issue is he may be a bad influence due to his propensity to party), Kaka (played with Nesta for 7-8 years)...outside chance.

If I had a choice I'd pick one of Mauri, Ambrosini, or Cambiasso.

I'd love Kaka, but I don't think he's ready to go down the MLS route yet.

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