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05-30-2013, 10:44 AM
How about 76 for 25?
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Originally Posted by Alexdaman View Post
If Edmonton is still willing to trade their 1st round pick I'd go ahead and trade Markov and a prospect like Nystrom .
Markov has to waive NMC. I don't know about Nystrom, but what about their 2nd and PS? I hear talks that he's regressed a lot but is there a chance he's not on the right team aka he's too low on the depth chart to be given a chance to excel again? Just a thought, don't ream me please .

Originally Posted by habs03 View Post
I completley get what you mean, but if the Habs are doing very well next year, a lock to make he playoffs, Markov is playing decent, and Bealieau is having a good year in the AHL. You really cant trade Markov up while even though that you know you might if the next contract doesn't make sense to you, your better off letting him walk, and have Bealieau take his place.

I mean its like we Gainey traded Rivet when were in a playoff race, Rivet at that point wasn't a key player anymore.

Its almost like Ryder, IMO when Bergevin traded for Ryder he knew he wasn't going to re-sign him, but he knew that he could bring something to the table, and that something was valued more than maybe trading Ryder at the trade deadline.
Dont' trade Markov if either Markov is playing well, Bealieu is playing well in the AHL or both. Markov is injury prone with those knees and having a very suitable replacement in Beaulieu come up should Markov get injured (PO time or Regular Season) is highly valuable. Now if we're not even contending for a PO spot, trade Markov for prospect(s)/pick(s) and hope (please hockey gods) that he wants to come back to MTL as he LOVES it here, and I mean actually loves playing here (unlike another roster player we know ).

Also after next season, if Markov does play well, re-sign at 1 year at 5.75 or less (yes that much if he ends up getting 50-60 pts as a defenseman) or at 2 years at 4.5 or less. IMO, I don't think Beaulieu will not be an everyday NHL defenseman contributing offensively for us until 2015 at the earliest. Until such a point where management believes Beaulieu is ready to be an everyday in the big time, keep Markov. Re-sign after 2014 to a 1-year deal is preferable but at slightly less cap hit for 2 years wouldn't be bad either, provided his stats stay up.

Originally Posted by vokiel View Post
A first for Markov? Some of you are dreaming in a lot more colors than I'm used to. He has slowed down enough to have a majority of teams show no interest whatsoever imho. If there is any bidding war on a possible deadline trade look for the kind of return Clowe got at best.

In this off season, forget it, his value is 0 or close to it.
Are you on drugs? Just to explain my earlier post, we got the Wiz, another injury prone, offensive defenseman that has lesser vision and defensive ability than Markov and we gave up a 2nd rounder for him. Markov should go for a secound round plus a 2nd/3rd line projected prospect or a low 1st round draft pick (20-30).

If Markov plays as well or slightly worse than he did last year (in terms of stats) and we're shipping him at the deadline for whatever reasons (most likely out of contention), then look for MB to make a sizeable return for him.

Originally Posted by Alexdaman View Post
30 pts in 48 games with 25mins + of TOI average. Markov can certainly be worth a lot to many teams. If MB can trade Cole for Ryder, he can certainly get a great return for Markov. I honestly don't see a single team in the league not being interested to some degree.

The worst teams on pp this year from worst to best: WPG, BUF, CBJ, CAR, BOS, PHX

We can certainly work something interesting with any of these teams.
Please not to BOS/BUF, don't want to see Markov scoring on us in these division games. Preferably goes to WPG (a Canadian team I want to make the POs and be successful), PHX as they are outside the "conference" for next year. Wouldn't be mad if he could be traded to CAR or CBJ.

Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
Value of Markov? (good question...not as easy as it may seem to some who think we can get a lot for Markov at the trade deadline).

Plus...he always has a no trade clause, no? (#$%^&*#$$%@#).

Smart GM:
a smart GM knows that Markov is usually one hit away from a career
threatening injury. He has done NOTHING (ZERO) in the playoffs and so a GM won't offer so much (maybe a 2nd rnd pick OR 3rd rnd pick + good prospect...maybe). His stats are non-existent in the playoffs and he is invisible in the playoffs.
He was never a playoff warrior (never). And to those who still say Subban can learn a lot from Markov
(it's the other way around...Markov can learn a lot from Subban).

Dumb GM:
a dumb GM (or a gm that is way too hopeful, desperate, delusional) will think that Markov will help the team during the playoffs and maybe offer a 1st Rnd pick and a decent prospect for Markov...I'm hoping for this but I wouldn't hold my breath.

The best part (positive) about Markov in the 2013 season...
he stayed healthy for once. But, other than the first 20 games...he was ultra slow (turtle slow). I still don't know why he gets more than 18-21 min./game. Is the coach trying to expose him (good job...very successful).

The truth will hurt some here:
we will be a better team when Markov stops collecting $5.75mil/year and goes away (but we need a solid top 4 gritty/iron-man replacement). Markov's a regular season dman (when he's healthy) but a huge ZERO in playoffs...why keep him any longer? To kill time, right? (to give time to our REAL prospect dmen). I'd trade Markov, but he has a no trade clause...$%^&*@#$%, and his value may not be that high, unless Glen ''idiot GM'' Sather wants to give him $25mil for 5 yrs!!!!!!

We're missing 2-3 quality/solid dmen (the top teams have 4 solid dmen...we have a cream-puff top 4...and let's be honest...Gorges and Emelin are good as #5-6 on our team unless Gorges can be the warrior that he can be):
<PK Subban
<Gorges? (IF he can play like the pre-big-contract-Gorges...he was **** this season...he better ****ing bounce back)
<Emelin? (solid bodychecker/shot-blocker, but...needs more defense 101 sense... I'm always questioning his defense).
<Tinordi (future looks bright...needs one more AHL year?)
<Beaulieu (very talented but still raw...1 1/2 AHL seasons left?)
<Ellis (hopefully will be a way better version of Gorges with time...can't wait till he's ready)
<Thrower (can't wait till he's ready...2 yrs of AHL?)

Regehr please? (2-3 yrs).
I don't understand how 19 pts in 54 GP for a defenseman in the POs is a ZERO?

That's on pace for approximately 35 PTS in an 82 game stretch. Not typical Marky Mark numbers but considering recently he's been injury prone and add to the fact that we sucked big time his year in the POs, i'll take it.

Subban can learn from Markov. What people mean by this statement is that Markov is an unflashy, productive and defensively sound defenseman (before the injuries). PK is the opposite in some of these respects: flashy, still productive, but not as defensively sound as Markov once was. This what PK needs to learn, how to be productive and not as flashy, something he's worked on and done for most of this season but would try to do too much, be flashy, and have it backfire sometimes.

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