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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
Smart GM:
a smart GM knows that Markov is usually one hit away from a career
threatening injury.
Thats actually what fans who have no clue think. Thinking he's one hit away from a career is a purely emotional reaction to having seen him miss nearly entire seasons recently. He's had a purely accidental injury (skate cut - Gordie friggin Howe would have missed dozens of games) and then another from which he seemingly recovered (and so did a ton of players who came back and played long careers. At the same age like, 10 years ago, Selanne was also ''one hit away from a career'' exactly the same way).

Originally Posted by Mr. Hab
The truth will hurt some here:
we will be a better team when Markov stops collecting $5.75mil/year and goes away (but we need a solid top 4 gritty/iron-man replacement). Markov's a regular season dman (when he's healthy) but a huge ZERO in playoffs...why keep him any longer? To kill time, right? (to give time to our REAL prospect dmen). I'd trade Markov, but he has a no trade clause...$%^&*@#$%, and his value may not be that high, unless Glen ''idiot GM'' Sather wants to give him $25mil for 5 yrs!!!!!!
How does his salary hurt the team? Please, tell me, and then explain me how exactly is he untradeable in case there is nobody else to move and we really need an extra 6m to so we can, say, trade for a 12m player without giving back any salary? Or perhaps there is a mega free agent available next summer that really wants to sign with the Habs and nobody noticed? Please, enlighten me about that hurtful truth. The Habs have a healthy cap situation with Gomez, Kaberle (soon to be), Cole/Ryder (won't be re-signed).

Originally Posted by Vokiel
A first for Markov? Some of you are dreaming in a lot more colors than I'm used to. He has slowed down enough to have a majority of teams show no interest whatsoever imho. If there is any bidding war on a possible deadline trade look for the kind of return Clowe got at best.

In this off season, forget it, his value is 0 or close to it.
We can definitely get a first and other assets for Markov. Have you seen the price of defensemen these days? Besides the first rounder would be 20 to 30 overall likely, nobody expects Calgary or Colorado to trade assets for an over 30 player. Markov would be of great help to any good team with a so-so powerplay or needing another PMD.

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