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01-05-2004, 06:38 AM
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Originally Posted by stardog
Right...and whats that have to do with the Hammy vs. Orpik much for intelligent debate.
You asked me if it was sarcasm, and I responded. I'm sure you know my stance on the subject already. As for Fata, I hope that you know he could have been picked up on WAIVERS the samee year that you essentially trade Kovalev for him. Pittsburgh has had a long line of bad trades that began BEFORE they were bankrupt. What happened to Naslund, Zubov, Lang, Lalime? What do they have to show for them? A bad job of managing assets, and a terrible draft record has given Penguin fans an absolutely terrible team to watch this year. Whose job is it to do these two things? Whose job is it to manage the team finacially? Whose job is it to ice the team currently playing? Anyways, here is my post from another thread, that I felt outlined why I dislike craig patrick. Sorry this is so off-topic Smokey:

Originally Posted by Enoch
This is getting silly. I'm not going to give Craig Patrick a double standard and allow him to continually make bad trades, and then say it was a good trade. They are not good trades. It is really quite simple.

To understand my view on the Penguins situation, a question has to be asked: What is the GM's job? Well here are my answers, and my outlook on Craig Patrick's moves/decisions concerning the Penguin's as a franchise.

1. He manages the teams assets.
2. He compiles the team put on the ice.
3. He is responsible for the teams future.
4. He is responsible for the coaches, scouts, and others that will be helping him to create a winning franchise. These coaches are responsible for the devolopment of the players, if they are not developing the players......they have to go.
5. He has to know the finacial situation of the team in the present and the future.
6. He has to make the best deals for the team for the present and for the future.
7. He has to know the direction his club is moving, and act accordingly at the right time not when he has no other choice.
8. He has to plan finacially for the future to keep his team competitive and to ensure a successful franchise.
9. He is responsible for the teams drafting techniques.

I'm sure you could add a few more points, but these are some of the basics.

Point 1: Has CP managed the teams assets very well?? I look at the Kovalev trade, the Kasperitus trade, the Jagr trade, now the Straka trade, the Naslund trade, Losing Lang to waivers, trading away Zubov and Lalime for nothing.......It makes me seriously doubt his capability as a GM. Even when he was not cash strapped, he made poor trades and gave up on extremely talented players. He based his decisions either on what he saw, or on the people he put in place's opinions. Either way, he is directly responsible for the trades, and IMO, he clearly dropped the ball several times.

Point 2: CP is the man that puts together the team on the ice. The only thing that he has done constructively this year, is give an 18 year old rookie a chance at leading the team to victory. Unfortunately, the rest of the team makes up one of the shabbiest groups in NHL history. ----I watched the Penguins game last night. The crowd was completely non-existent in a wonderful 4 - 3 come from behind win. After the game I found out the crowd was an extremely low 9500, the lowest attendance in many years. Do you wonder why the team is losing money??? They can't keep the fans in the seats. Part of it is the arena...sure.....another part of it is the low-quality team that is performing for the home crowd.

Point 3: He is responsible for the teams future. The Penguins are considered to have one of the best prospect pools in the NHL. In that regard, CP has built up some good prospects. Personally, I think he could have a much better pool of prospects if he didn't make such poor trades, but I dont want to open that can of worms, again.

Point 4: CP is responsible for the coaches, scouts, and others that are supposed to find talent and grow the talent. Again, I think he has done a piss-poor job here. Is Eddie Olczyk the guy to lead an extremely young, weak team? Have his scouts been telling him the right things? How many busts has he traded for? How many gems has he dealt away? Was Eddie hired because he could get the most out of his team, or was it because he was Mario's friend? Some of those questions can't be answered, yet, but the answers are becomming more and more apparent. If your a low-market team, you have to have good management and good people in place to lead the team. Otherwise, you will be a bottom-feeder.

Point 5: CP has to know the finacial situation of his team in the present and in the future. How can a GM that is continually dumping players,that he signed to expensive contracts, realistically have looked ahead at the future finances of the team?? He didn't. He planned for the now, and now the Penguins are suffering for his lack of foresight. I know all about the previous owners, etc., but the responsiblity of signing contracts is ultimately made by one man.....Craig Patrick.

Point 6: He has to make the best deals for the team in the present and in the future. This really does not need much analysis. He put himself in this situation by focusing on the present, and now he is digging himself even deeper by doing the exact same thing.......He is trading for immeadiate cash (or lower payroll), while ignoring the team on the ice and accepting low-end returns. Frankly, I think this is poor managment moves.

Point 7: Craig has to make moves at the right time. So many people on this thread alone, have pointed out how important the timing of a trade is to a successful trade. I'm not going to go in depth here, unless challenged, I'll just echo that I agree with discostu and Dr Love's analysis.

Point 8: CP is supposed to plan finacially for the future to ensure the success of his franchise......Do I need to tell you that the Penguins are in a horrible position right now.....finacially?!?! The current situation, among other reasons, is due to a terrible lack of planning finacially...which is who's responsiblity???? Craig Patrick.

Point 9: CP is responsible for the teams drafts. Up until recently, when the picks have been extremely high, the Penguins have had way to many first round busts as well as too many other disappointments. The drafts have not been favorable for the franchise, and I can only lay the blame at CP and his scouts feet. You just simply have to do better at the draft...

In conclusion, I do not think Craig has performed his job very well at all. I believe the franchise is paying for a lot of mistakes right now, many of them made by CP. I'm tired of hearing all of the excuses that people make for him. The bottomline is it is his job and his responsiblity, and I for one, am going to give him his share of the blame in the Penguins current crisis.

I'm sure some Penguin fans will disagree with me, call me ignorant, stupid even, because I do not agree with their "informed" ideas of why their franchise is in the shape they are in. Go ahead. Flame me. I would like to point out, though, that not agreeing with you does not make me ignorant. It just means I have a different view on your situation.

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