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Originally Posted by JackStraw View Post
In 2011 the Phillies had the best record in baseball. Brown hit .245 with 5 HR in 56 games. Why would they need him? He simply would not have gotten the playing time because he hadn't shown that he could hold down a spot in the lineup. In that situation, when the expectation is to win, or at least get to, the WS it makes sense to go with the veteran player.

I would say the proof is in the way he's hitting right now. He appears to have benefitted from the time in the minors. There's just no reason to believe that giving him a regular job sooner would have benefitted either him or the team. And it may very well have hurt him. When he first came up it was obvious that he had talent but was raw. I didn't even realize until I just looked it up, but he was taken in the 20th round of the draft. And you want to compare him to Harper who was 1st overall? Trout who was taken 25th overall? Heyward who was 14th overall?

Just because a lot of people soured on Ibanez (and I know they did, with some reason at least) doesn't mean you rush a guy to the majors because you think that someday he may be a star. He should have to prove that he belongs first, and I don't think Brown did that.
And Ibanez hit .245 in 144 games. He hit more homeruns but factoring in Brown's numbers with games he played Brown probably would've hit around 15 homeruns in the same amount of games. As has been said, he was hitting great in the minors. At least they had an excuse with Howard and Utley as those two went to college first before being drafted. There is no excuse for what they did to Brown.

And yeah, I know exactly where the drafted Dom. He was also ranked up with the top prospects you mentioned when he was lighting up AAA. Where he was drafted does not matter. He proved to everyone that he had great potential and he did well in every level. He was ready for the big leagues. Instead the Phillies for two years pulled him up and down, made him learn a completely different position, and sat him in exchange for guys like Francisco, Ibanez, and Mayberry. Any player is going to struggle under those circumstances. And any player is going to have a down period where they can't hit the ball. The difference is other teams leave that guy alone and let him play. Not us, though.

The truth is they don't want him to start this early cause that means that he's arb eligible earlier and that they'll have to start paying for him. Plus, Ibanez was getting millions and they weren't about to sit him for that kind of money. Other organizations have no problem bringing up their young guys, whether they are competing or not.

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