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05-30-2013, 03:25 PM
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Our clearest weakness is the fullback position. It's not that they are bad, Brovsky i actually like a lot. But when you start running into the elite dribblers--we caught a glimpse last night--we are not the best. There is a reason why Romero who pretty much a non-factor last night, it's because he was going up against Y.P. Lee, who is one of the best in the MLS (when he was PSV he was one of my favorite players on the team).

Fullback is probably the most difficult position on the field, especially if your style is to attack from the wings. You're heavily implicated in defending and attacking and need to run like crazy. If we can find an upgrade on Brovsky and or Iapachino, then i think we are really talking.

As far as the other positions, we could use another defensive midfielder, not a lot of depth behind Bernier, Warner is not the best.

In central defence maybe as well, but i dont think its a priority. Definitely not another attacking midfielder or forward, we score goals easily and we have a bunch of important injuries right now.

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