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Originally Posted by SavageSteve View Post
Look at what you said about the diversity of black MLB players; they are mostly Hispanic (Dominican). Kids in the Caribbean play baseball today like kids did in the streets in the 30's and 40's in America. Kids in America today generally seem to play either organized soccer or pick-up basketball in the streets. Given the disproportionate amount of coverage towards minorities in modern national media in general, go figure what is pushed and gets the kids attention.

I think one other thing that can also be inferred from this is overall movement towards regionalization in many things. Look at the farm to table movement in many high-end restaurants, local craft breweries, local distilleries, etc. that signify a change towards embracing what is local and defines an area more so than the bland sameness of chain restaurants, Bud or Miller swill, etc. Maybe we are just witnessing the evolution of the multiple platforms that media can be delivered to its consumers with old media throwing buckets of money to cling to its throne and stay relevant. I've long since quit watching major media newscasts and sports shows (SportsCenter) since they harp too much on the Northeastern US and all of the bad things that happen in the fly-over states while giving token coverage to teams they are not getting ratings for in major markets. In turn the fly-over patrons begin to abandon them and turn to social media and the internet to deliver what they actually care about without having to hear about the aftermath of Tim Tebow or LeBron taking a 9 lb dump in a public washroom in East Hackensack that clogged the lateral to Snooki's condo.
What you said was 100 percent correct and you can see in Canada as well.

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