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Originally Posted by UlfSamuelsson View Post
Haha nah, just a big fan of his. But does anyone know his coaching style? Don't follow SEL as closely as I'd like to.
Playing NHL faceoff 97 for the PS1 I found him and Robert Kron. My friend and I thought the names Ulf and Kron were matches made in heaven and we became the most punishing and nasty tandem in video game hockey history. We sort of ran with it and created these absolute savage Nordic personalities for them where they have very low intelligence and constantly scream out their own names. in reality it was my friend and I sitting and yelling "UUUULLLLF!" "KROOOOOON!" "I'LL ******* KILL EM!" while trying to injure everyone including our own teammates. Somehow that inside joke carried to this much larger group of friends and people I knew around college. One of the funniest things I've ever created and it started with pure idiocy based on these barbaric sounding names. So naturally I looked up a lot of stuff on Ulf and find it nothing short of hysterical whenever I see him get mentions. To later find videos of him getting suckered by Domi and nearly killing Gretzky's wife was icing on the cake. We routinely would assault gretzky and messier even though they were our teammates in the game. Whenever the puck reached a player their name would appear and we'd shout their name usually with the Nordic barbarian voice and some purposely incorrect pronunciation like Mess ee ey was Mess ee er. Chelios was an exception to this rule. We'd drop the Nordic voice and in a very happy tone exclaim "Cheerios!" So the puck reaches Chelios we both go "Cheerios!" and then I blindside him immediately with Ulf and a little dialouge box pops up that says "Out for season" To this day we'll go "Cheerios!...Out for season."

I was so enthusiastic about posting this but I feel shame and apologize because it is soooo OT

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