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05-30-2013, 06:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Byrddog View Post
As to the question who I think DP should take????? Well to be honest short of Jones nobody in this draft has me Giddy. I would prefer DP trade this pick and pick up a proven 30 goal scorer that is between 25 and 27 years old. I have watched this game longer than many here have been alive. Seen sure fire prospects fizzle and 7th rounders be gold. I also saw the Ford Pinto when it was new. Later it was found that a car hitting it in the ass caused it to explode. So yeah im skeptical very skeptical and I expect players that are paid millions partly from my pocket to produce. And to continue to read posts defending Craig Smith, Jordon Tootoo ect ect as invaluable to a team makes me want to hurl. Additionally to think a couple 17 year olds in the next couple years will turn this team into a cup contender is just as revolting to me. I have been called stupid simple minded and many just don't think I know anything about the game because I do not agree with them. I left this forum a same reason personel attacks mean nothing to me on the net frankley the vast majority that read this have no idea about my past short of 101st. But have just as much of a right to opinion then many pimplefaced "crummungions" that lable me. Im pretty sure there an ingnore button on this thing feel free to use it. But I will leave this place when I wish. I have not broken any forum rules that I know of.

As to the Barkov primidona statment it was a news article from Finland that I read it in. I have no idea if he is really but I reserve my opinion to question it. Just as I did with Radulov, Scott Walker, and others.
Name the consistent 30 goal scorers in the league .... then which of them are in any way available ... then narrow those players to your specified age range.

Now that we're at nobody .... let's look at the draft.

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