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05-30-2013, 08:58 PM
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interview with fedotenko
- How did you know my phone number? Just wondering how journalists find contacts - began the interview with Fedotenko. I had to "surrender" Ponikarovsky.

On one Ukrainian forum appeared that Fedotenko will sign a contract with the "Donbass". Is it true?
- Oooo ... (After a pause.) We really are in negotiations, but until the end of June I have a contract with the "Philadelphia." So now I have no right to sign the new agreement. See what happens with Philly, with other NHL teams. And when I become an unrestricted free agent, will have a family to think, discuss, decide. -
As the wife reacted to your voyage in the "Donbass" during the lockout in the NHL?
- With understanding. She came to Donetsk for a couple of weeks, came to the games. But at the city we have not seen - it was very cold. That's when I'll come back to play in Donetsk, the wife will have to live with me.
- A person you played as I could, or expect more from myself?
- When I signed the contract with "Philadelphia", I thought that I would give more chance to prove himself. So was unhappy with his role - the way I was used by the coach. I wanted to help the team more. Said several times during the season on the subject with Peter Laviolette, told him what I was feeling. But, it turns out, we have different points of view.

In the third I played only five games. And then the "raised" in the third five, so I started to score. Although the players have set. And so basically had to spend the season in the fourth line with "tough guys." After all, most never played. And it was a lot of injuries, and the team has performed poorly. Usually coaches in such situations change something, give a chance to other players. But Laviolette said to me that he needs four lines on which he can rely on, and he sees me right in the fourth. Like, I'm good at my role, the coach may even release my line against the top line of the opponent. But it did not suit me, so I was not satisfied.
What are your impressions of the return to the national team of Ukraine?
- It was nice. It is a pity only that the team was unable to overcome the next round of Olympic qualifying. I am on the internet and watching the team was hoping to play again at the Olympics. Did not work out.

- Maybe even help the team at the World Championships ... - Anything is possible, from the team I'm not going to give up.
Just before the NHL has always played in the Stanley Cup, which coincided in time with the world forums. And when, in 2007, did not get to the "Islanders" in the playoffs, then did not play for the national team due to a knee injury - I was treated for more than a month. If you have the opportunity to play for the national team, then why not play?
I liked it here. Therefore, there is a chance that I will return to Donetsk. It is a pity that the "Donbass" not made ​​it into the playoffs, did not have a point. I hope that next season the team will perform better.
Where do you live now? Here Ponikarovsky - with his family in Miami.
- Of course, it is better to sit on the beach in Florida than in the cold of Toronto, where he has a house (laughs). I'm in Philadelphia - then we took an apartment to rent for a year. We have several homes in different places, but never ever live. In hockey this work that we have to live where you play

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