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Originally Posted by dr robbie View Post
Bobby Clark doesn't charge either if you send it through the Flyer's team. Though, he likes to sign things upside down or on the back of cards
No Clarke does charge now, he just started. You'll get a note back saying he's now charging $25 per auto and you have to mail it to "Legends Sports Marketing". They're basically a group which does TTM for a few players and charge for it. Clarke says that the money will go to a charity of his choice but probably not all $25 of it because that company probably gets a commission for sorting through them. This company also does Bernie Parent autographs.

There's some dbag guy named Chris Potter who turned a lot of good TTM signing players into ones who will only sign for $. Guess he convinced them to do it for cash because a few idiots sell the autos on eBay.

It's actually quite an expensive business for a signature. These stores now charge a lot for a player, usually a minimum of $15 for an in-store signing. I've seen prices like $80 per autograph for a guy like Paul Henderson who was good but not that good. He also charges through the mail but it's a lot less than what he charges for an in-person signing.

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