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05-31-2013, 08:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Gelu88
Given that TVA has most Impact games, and most probably will for the foreseeable future. Woudn't the comeback of the Nordiques greatly benefit us?

That'll greatly increase TVA Sports subscriptions, and since TVA puts a pretty decent emphasis on the team, having every person in Quebec subscribe to it must surely give us a boost.
We've had this discussion before and let's say that you couldn't be more right. TVA Sports has GREAT secondary content (Sens, Jays, Raptors, Impact, European soccer, Indy Car, The Masters, some tennis, NBA, etc) but they lack primary content. RDS sucks compared to TVA Sports when it comes to secondary content... but they have the Habs. With the Nordiques, they would have their primary content and like you said, they would get way more subscribors. That would benefit ALL of their secondary content and they would make much more money on adversiment for ALL of their content.

However, we can't blame the lack of media coverage on having the game mostly on TVA Sports. The media does a terrible job of covering the team. RDS, for example, prefers to give André Roy time to sing or Alain Chantelois time to be a French-Canadian Don Cherry instead of having more Patrick Leduc on air. Leduc is great to read and to listen to. He is informative and level-headed. With Pierre Vercheval, he is one of the best analyst on their network, why not use him more and grow the game? TVA Sports have clowns on air, that doesn't help either. Olivier Brett isn't that bad, but he has the charisma of a pile of ****... and don't get me started on Frederic Lord. At least TVA Sports have great shows like "EN route vers la MLS" and "Impact de l'Académie"... but they don't promote them.

That being said, the club also has a BIG responsability in this, their marketing is abysmal. They do produce great stuff like "Derrière chaque victoire", but they only use it on their official channels (Facebook, Twitter, their website). They don't market their players very well either. We have Alessandro ****in' Nesta! I don't think people realise how much of a coup that was. Sure, he isn't a "name" as big as Henry or Beckham, but his impact on the pitch and on the club (soccer-wise) is at least bigger than Beck's. We have Jeb Brovsky, a guy that IS the type of person and athlete that ALWAYS have been VERY popular in Montreal: a very humble and down to earth guy with a warrior mentality. Plus, the guy is learning French for ****'s sake, why aren't they taking advantage of that? And what about Felipe? Hot shot with a lot of talent and a lot of charisma, we could sell that easily! Patrice Bernier is a great guy and a great player (+ he is local), but he obviously isn't a people person, don't give him ALL the responsabilities when it comes to selling the team. Use Nesta, Di Vaio, Brovsky and Felipe, these guys are easy to sell. Buy more ads on primetime TV, showcase your players more, SELL YOURSELF DAMMIT! They just don't. The stuff they do with their Facebook is great, but they should expand their approach to mainstream media, THAT would draw people to the team.

They should HEAVILY sell the fact that they are very close to the community by promoting EDS and the Academy much more. How many young boys play soccer nowadays? A freaking lot! Take advantage of that, target them! Oh, sure, they give tickets away to soccer federation, but do they even have a fan club for kids? They are the ones who are gonna grow up with the club and one day become big big fans if reached at a young age. Sell them to the football culture, to what the ULtras are doing. Kids love singning, I see a lot of them trying to follow the Ultras at the Stadium, encourage them to do so.

And what about the girls? Most girls who are into sports play soccer. Why not get together with the CSA and lauch a semi-pro women league? Then, we could have a girl side to the Academy. That would grow the game AND target a wide audience of potential fans.

On last thing that they could do is sell the summer as "foot" and get together with the Als and do promotions like: 2 tickets for the Impact game on Saturday, 2 tickets for the Als game on Sunday + hotel for X$. "À Montréal, l'été est foot" or something like that. That might attract a new crowd.

Basically, they have to make people feel like this club is their own. Once you are already a fan, they do a great job of making you feel that way, but they aren't good at attracting new fans.

In the end, the club does a lot of good things, but they don't do enough. They seem to think that building a winning team with recognizable names (to soccer fans) without promoting heavily these names will do the trick. They have to invest in marketing if they want to be more popular. Our season goes from March to October, we have ALL summer to ourselves, let's take advantage of it.

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