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05-31-2013, 08:36 AM
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Originally Posted by nexttothemoon View Post
The roster is "sewer'd" every year on the Oilers because it has been in rebuild mode... it was "sewer'd" before that because it was in need of a rebuild. It'll likely be "sewer'd" again as they try to retrofit this rebuild to get the team competitive again.

I personally think a coach with more coaching experience... like Ruff, Tortorella etc could likely do a better job getting the most out of the roster.

As I said... it won't be a popular view as most will say that management is solely to blame and they should give Krueger/Smith/Bucky a shot with a better roster.

That's likely what they'll do but I'd rather have a staff that has actually achieved some success at the NHL level elsewhere.
There is a reason Mact called it "neglect style management".

This team was not "ripped apart" every year trying to find chemistry, they fiddled around with the plugs and let rookies flounder for 3 consecutive years with zero effective veteran support.

If Mact can actually get anything done this offseason, it'll be the first time the team has attempted to improve something other than the 4th line/7th D in 3 years.

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