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05-31-2013, 09:37 AM
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You have a solid regime. Good. Yet I would highly recommend looking into Crossfit.

I am not a Crossfitter, I have not joined a gym...yet. Due to money and class schedules.

Yet I constantly go on their official website, their journal page their youtube videos and they have a series of endless information on proper fitness that you should too look into.

I love Crossfits ideology in the sense that it incorporates gymnastics (balance, flexibility, strength of full body), olympic weightlifting (power, strength and ability to lift outer objects) and plyometrics (explosion, speed, agility). All of this with the focus of core strength, increase cardio and muscle stamina and improve ones focus is great for any athlete.

The Soviets dominated hockey and most of the sports world through cross training just like this.

What I really like about Crossfit is there passion. Like I said, endless and growing information on nutrition, form, intensity and your body and muscle functions. I have not joined their gym yet but use their work outs and ideology in my every day life. Its def shown great improvement. better flexibility, better balance and proper strength.

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