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05-31-2013, 09:40 AM
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Your weekly routine seems great and well thought out but it seems theirs already a peak. You limit yourself in the work outs itself.

Is this something you will do every week exactly or close to exactly. Positioning of your feet in squats or where you hold the added load can change the entire emphasis of your work out. Front or back squats do two very different things to your muscles.

I also dont see much back work. The core includes the back muscles. In hockey, your back stability and strength is huge as we all should know.

Try to have all your workouts be spent on super work outs I like to call. You have some what of the idea, just continue to evolve it.

Like instead of isolated work outs like bicep curls, do pull ups.
Instead of leg presses and extensions, do squats.

Dont forget your neck as well.

PVT msg me for more info. Love talking about this stuff and we prob can learn a thing or two about fitness.

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