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Originally Posted by noupf View Post
while I agree with most of what you are saying about torts.......he was the type of coach that held players accountable, had structure and was like a drill sargent when it came to running the team. That can go a long way......when a team is torts' case, their was only one real "success" and that was last years ECF appearance.

Now, I think boomer ( be a professional NFL player ) was trying to give insight as to what sort of went down this season. He seemed to be painting the picture that it wasn't the entire team that got sour on torts, but more like a group or the core of the team......and they may have dragged other players into the "let get rid of torts" camp. Apparently it started with a good player who boomer respected a, not so much respect he says.

I take what boomer says at face value, simply bc he was a professional athlete that saw the inside of a preffessional locket room for many years.

The point this locker room a bunch of whiny cry babies who couldn't take the personal accountability anymore and hated his structure, so they came together to get rid of torts.......or were they just really tired of torts and his crazy comments, bi-polar type personality and other crap.

Boomers comments really make me think it was the first one.

At the same time if a portion of the team wanted the coach out and still had enough pride to a. Make to the playoffs an b. win a round , tells me that they have a ton of pride and did not give up on each other. The next coach is getting a helluva team with tremendous make up.

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