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05-31-2013, 11:59 AM
Need more Therrien
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Alright I went back yesterday and it was reeeeally nice with the sun.

St-Bock - Pénitente (3 tix) : A white spiced beer, refreshing, smells and tastes of coriander, cloves and pepper. I'm usually not a fan of whites and spiced beer, but I enjoyed this one, surprisingly.

St-Bock - Malédiction (3 tix) : It's a Milk Stout with a strong smell and taste of dark chocolate and coffee. Also hints of caramel/butterscotch. It won a prize, I would suggest you to try this one. Wasn't my favorite beer, but it's damn interesting. Plus, it comes with a marshmallow.

Helm - Hutchison IPA Américaine (3 tix) : As expected, really hoppy and bitter. Was good but nothing exceptional imo, maybe because I've tried many beers of that style so I'm not easily impressed anymore.

Succursale - ABT (4 tix) : Here's one beer that disappointed me. I'm really looking forward to try one belgian style beer from Québec that nails it other than Unibroue and so far I still have no luck. It lacks the belgian yeast character, sweet and you only mostly taste raisin but it rapidly fades away.

Binchoise - Bière XO (6 tix) : Wouldn't have tried it otherwise, but my friend who works there gave me a sample of it for only 3 tix. It's a strong beer that has been aged in Armagnac (brandy) barrels. Intense flavors, a bit fruity. This is a beer you sip like a porto. Very interesting.

There's one beer my friend made me try but I didn't take notes, it was the Piedi Neri Brune from Corce Di Malto. It was damn good! It was a very tasty dark beer.

I also can't stress you enough to try the Solstice d'été from Dieu du ciel if you haven't already. It's simply amazing.

I also tried the Mactavish (American IPA) from Trou du diable and was deeply disappointed. Not sure what the heck is wrong with this brewery because they're usually awesome, but all their hoppy beers I've tried recently tasted like onions. This one wasn't as bad as the Dubai pillé I tried at the Houblonneries, but it was still present and unpleasant. They must have a problem with their hops stock.

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