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05-31-2013, 12:06 PM
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One thing is obvious: there is no consensus here on the boards as to who should be our next coach. matter who Sather ultimately selects, there is guaranteed to be unhappiness here.

Personally, I could live with any of the names being bandied about. Each has his strengths and weaknesses. If the Rangers decide to hire a "retread' (Ruff, AV), they will bring the lessons learned from their firing to their new job. I've always felt that no matter what your profession, self-assessment is one of the keys to success. No doubt Ruff and AV have thought endlessly about how their tenures ended: it has probably dominated their thinking and they've learned lessons.

If we hire an experienced coach looking to move on and have a new challenge (Tippett, Babcock, McLlennen), I think that could work also. Each of these guys has had success in their own way and would bring that here.

If Sather hired someone whose first job went sour like Boucher, well that also could be a recipe for success. No matter how successful you were in Juniors or the minors, coaching at the NHL level for the first time must be, to a degree overwhelming. You are sure to make mistakes that you wish you had a "do over" for. A hire like that could work out just fine.

If we decide to go with a coach looking to break in to the NHL coaching ranks (Eakins, Weight), there is the possibility of uncovering the next great NHL coach so that could be cool too. Of course, you just don't know how a "newbee" will do until they do it.

Ultimately, Sather will make the choice based on who he thinks is the best fit from his own evaluation of the team now and where he sees it in the future. So instead of discussing the pros and cons of each, maybe this ongoing discussion should be about Sather and what his vision of the team is. We can knock Sather all we want (I would love him to ride off into the sunset in Banff) but he is not going anywhere. We can knock or praise all of his previous choices, but we can't get away from the fact that although he will discuss the vacancy with others in management, he will make the decision. Yes, that may be a scary thought, but it is the reality of the situation.

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