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Here we go again!
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Originally Posted by BladeFan View Post
You pretty much have. Every time you get the chance. It is obvious that you have a man crush on Dietz, and i believe he does deserve praise. But you seem to take shots at Thrower to validate how smart you are. Don't worry, we all know that you stood by him when Darren was struggling with -21 early in the year.
Something tells me that you're related to him....Sorry if telling it like it is offends you. But it's absolutely false that I don't like him as I don't know him personnally. I know he had a tough season on and off the ice as the guy was a healthy scratch a few games and was known, not by me, to be some issues in the room. True? Not true? Don't care if he would have brought it on the ice. He didn't, hence the really bad season. Did I say somewhere that I don't see him coming back from it never? Nope.

How smart I am? Don't worry....I already know that I'm not. It doesn't make me less a person or not entitled to have my opinion or to say things as I see it. And don't worry again, it's not because I think something that you also have to agree. Yet....saying how terrible the year was for him....just tell me it isn't true. And even if I'm not smart, I also find possible to have a man crush for MORE than 1 person. Have it for Ellis...for Dietz...for Kristo...and the list goes on. And actually I HAD IT for Thrower in his draft year but you certainly weren't around.....I had him in my draft list. Loved the combination of toughness and skills and you know what....I STILL DO. Reason why I don't want to see him being traded. Reason why I don't think he's done. As I've NEVER said that even if you say "You pretty much have".....I didn't.

The only 2 things I said were: "He had a terrible season" and "If he goes on like that with no real improvement, Habs won't sign him". Again, please tell me how wrong I am to think that, though it is a moot point...I think that anyway. Guess what...that scenario just happened to Olivier Archambault. No real signing. Anyway, clearly you have something personal here about that so no need to try to convince you. Think what you want. And I'll think what I want. But what I ALSO think is that if he goes on and play for Don Hay, the same way he played in his draft year and better....this guy is not only a keeper but we don't have a lot of d-men like that in our organization. He wasn't chose in the 2nd round if he wasn't good. And I was ecstatic to see him go at our pick but's surely because I hate him. I probably faked my joy. Going back to Dietz well the guy and thought his -21 wasn't true to what he was as a player? I end up being right in the end....but hey, I also happen to be quite wrong too but I guess you miss all those moments when I admit it. Selective reading once again.

I'd love to have your own assessment of the kid's play, the reasons behind it as you SURELY seem to know more than I do. And don't even do it for it for the rest of the people here who also didn't like his year and wonder what happened. But then if he gets his game together and that bad year will be in the past and will never be a factor for the rest of his career. But disregard that I also said might not feed your purpose.

By the way, my point about the Blades message was just a point wondering what they meant. In no way was I implying how incredibly bad he was off ice, as I don't know. I said "wonder if they are taking a shot at him" Didn't even go further than that, but I guess I could or should have added "They should not have written that as Dalton was with them for 4 years....A message like Olson got would have been more approriate". I didn't, as my remark was to point something out with no vile intention....Anyway, I'm done with Thrower....I'll start a hate campaign with Beaulieu and his bully methods....

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