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05-31-2013, 12:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Pierce Hawthorne View Post
He doesn't accept my Friend Requests or Game invites either.

I don't think he's acutally played a single game all year, but he's almost in the playoffs.

He and the Anaheim guy should be kicked, neither of them play.
i have personally played Winnipeg in every single game in season 6.

I think the reason this league is dying out a bit, is because of the old rosters. For example, Matt Dumba in season 6 is still a 72, but if you look onto the newer rosters he is above an 80 in year 3 + 4. Another example. Ian Cole, caps out at 81, in almost every other league his ceiling is 85.

Another thing I find is I have played some of the originals soooo many times, you end up getting pissed off at their game play. Im not saying it makes it right, im just saying.

I have been riddled with Injuries as well, Colburne Howden and Sundstrom all injured for 50+ games....

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