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Originally Posted by erieottersnews View Post
Hey guys, new to this board, going to lay out what I think the lineup should look like. Next season is huge for Erie, if it is successful, fans will turn out and there will be no reason for this team to move with the new arena (which I am very excited to see). I am also excited for the two new assistants knoblauch got to pick, hopefully it works out well. Lines:
Dansk-Williams, likely Dekoning as the third goalie

I think Harper should be traded, along with one of our young D-men (Felker,Dermott,Murphy) and a pick for a legit top 4 dman, and we should use our import pick on a dmen as well. This gives us a solid top 4, and Raddysh plus options for the final pair. The connor line gives us a power forward,playmaker, sniper combo. 2nd line can chip in secondary scoring with some grit, and the bottom two lines are pure grittiness. I have no doubt our goaltending will be there with the improved defense and backchecking. Abraham can stay on as an OA to mentor the young D and be a depth guy. He is not much more than a 3rd line dman but he seems to have a lot of character. I am done with Donnay. He doesnt use his size and makes terrible decisions with the puck. He can be dumped as well. Saban would be my favorite to take that final spot, but again we have a ton of youth options and we should make use of them in a trade. Felker, Dermott, Murphy, Saban, and Mayo are all young guys who can be traded for a useful top 4 dman along with Harper, like I stated above. And does anyone know what happened to Riley Robertson?
I am not sure what has happened with Robertson but I can try to ask around. I know he suffered an injury but unless he had another one occur he should have been at the camp a few weeks back.
I like your first two lines but I think Erie needs to trade some of the youth you mentioned for not only a d-man but also solid 3rd/2nd line forward. I know others like Lattavo but I just do not see it. He is big but he is also slow and does not seem to move his feet at quite an OHL level yet. Can he make it one day? Sure he can but based on what I have seen I just do not think he is ready yet. Especially on a team that is looking to be a contender, they need three lines that can score.
Defensively I agree Donnay needs to go. I think Murphy does as well, I always liked his potential but they are not playing him so move him, Donnay, and they also have five second round picks in the next two seasons. I say move Harper, Donnay Murphy, and Felker along with 3 of those draft picks. They should have no problem getting a top 4 d-man and also a depth scoring forward with the assets they have.

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