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05-31-2013, 01:37 PM
How about 76 for 25?
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
I believe it does. Our lack of vision made Price having the advantage over us. Pretty strange considering the fact that even with Theodore, we thought we had to pick a goalie with our #5 but then since Price came's all in and no need to do anything in that department. I know I keep signing that song, but in the meantime, Boston has Rask....Khudobin....Svedberg......Subban. Anaheim has Fasth, Hiller, Gibson and Andersen. We are such in great shape that we can't let Robert Mayer go....

Price was told he was worth that money. He was told when he was picked #5. Was told when we traded Huet for a pick. Was told when we traded THE fan favorite away...He was continously told....well he believed it.
Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
I recall making a very similar post about the time Price was in contract negotiations, I might have used the term "painted into a corner" and it was not popular here.

In all my years of watching the Habs they have always had depth and quality at the goaltending position. Now, it's questionable if the team has either and the deterioriation started with what I can only guess was Gainey's misread of a brief period which Glen Healy called "6 absolutely great months in junior hockey".
You guys make very excellent points. WhiteSnake, it seems to me that BG and PG kept feeding to everyone and Price over the years that he was the franchise goaltender and the future of the team. Idk if they ever said the next St. Patrick, but with the decisions that they made (listed in your post) they made it seem like he was undoubtedly the #1 Goaltender for Le CH for years to come. I honestly think he could be 1 bad season away from being traded. I know MB might say he has 150% in Carey Price, but it could be all smoke and mirrors for all we know, or it could not. The fact is he played very badly for the last month and a half or 2 months of the season and that's just not going to be acceptable going forward. He's beginning his "Prime" years next year and I wanna see Quick-level playoff performances during the playoffs at least (should we get there) or during the regular season should we not.

Agnostic, I've only really been following the team since say '03-04 and don't really remember us having such "depth" at goaltending. Maybe more quality or somethinig but with guys like Moog, Hackett, Theodore, Garon, Fiset, Thibault, etc. don't really scream "depth" to me. But I am going to refer to your judgement more on this one because you've most likely been following the team longer than me. If you're talking from '05 onwards when we had Theodore, Price, Danis, Huet, Aebischer, Auld, Budaj, Halak, and LOL Marc Denis, then yeah we were quite strong.

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