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05-31-2013, 01:39 PM
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Originally Posted by bad refs View Post
It may well have been recruiting dollars as you say.... The GHC was allocated a lot of money yes, but, if you can't put a quality team on the ice what difference does it make that you sink the money into the GHC. The Jersey's were part of a deal with Reebok. I agree the timing is not right and it will make it hard to move forward. I really think Troy's hands were tied though and to make this decision. As for kicking off players... He made adjustments to the team that he felt were needed. I am sure he wasn't keen on kicking guys off just because he wanted too. He inherited a group that wasn't his and needed his players to buy in and some chose not too. When I was at Dal, some guys bought in to the new philosophy and others didn't. If you choose not to by in you had little chance of keeping your spot. keep in mind that this was when Darrell left the program.
The Leduc releasing was warranted. But still, its embarassing to have a program with 3 healthy lines and 5 defense and Groenhyde having to make 70 saves a night just to keep with close. And also cutting guys like Cheremtiev and Henegan at the end of the season, then you quit without anyone coming in. Program is crippled.

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