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05-31-2013, 02:14 PM
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McCarron I think skates better than Bickell but his stats do not suggest grade A power forward scorer...don't think he can impact a topsix role on the first 2 lines...SO DO you use a first round pick on just a third line guy or role guy? Hard yo bypas all that great D-men talent like Bowey McCoshen,Bigras,Heatherington and Morin all who will be at least 2nd pairing NHL d-men..Bowey can skate like Keith but at neatly 6'2 and 20O can handled guys with the body better...+41 with Kelowna...McCoshen a 2 way like Seabrok at 63...produces points good shot from the point on Pp good hockey sense...Bigras solid and physical...probably more SAH type. ..Heatherington impressed at the U-18s boosted his stocl as scouts did not buzz on him early due to injury but came on when he got back in play amd rose up the charts. ..big upside at 6'4 196 and can skate...just a bit of catching up to do in his development but could be a steal because hebis just scratching the surface of what he could become...Morin at 6'6 is another with an upside wr don't know yet where it will playeau...You know whay ypu are hetting woth Bowey McCoshen and Bigras...all pretty solid in thrir own styles and abiloty but with Healtherington and Morin they are not yet as advanced but the talent is there andtjat huge size sucj that once they caycj up on the lrarning curve of figuring put the game better you cpuld have very special D men but theu are too good talent wise to bust so not projecyd merely a bit less advamced in my view...It would hatd to bypass any of thrse D-men for just a Bickell clone...exceptt faster...
OR hard to bypas a potentisl franchise goalie which O think Tristan Jarry may become...I think he is the best goalie of this draft...I also like Phillipe Desrosiers who is my 2nd tated goalie..Avoid Zach Fucale...overhyped IMO...yes he is a workhorse bit O dp mot thonl hr id yhay gppd dtopping pucks...out of redpect fpr thr cpnsendid draft rayongs putting him as the top goalie in the draft I wpn't drop him below 5th on My goalie rankings but every gut feeling says if the Hawks tale him I predict he will Bust...If the Hawks bypass Jarry or Desrosiers to take Fucale they are somply nuts.. IF THE HAWKS GO FORWARD then either McCarrom for a role or a kid who for Canada at theU-18s..Nick Baptiste..I know Central Scoutong only had him at #61 NA skater but thay is nuts after how he petformed at the U-18s..6'2 OVER 200 lbs already but a baby of this draft with an AUH birthdate..lotsof upside time on the development curve to come..could be a steal..good 2 way player hatd...his upside tome is better thanMcCarrons and I think more talent..still for what he has in that big body size, a role guy like McCarron is a need but i do not yhonk he is the BPA over Baptiste.
Anyway...deep draft lots of ways Stan can go...we cannot get them all..But maube Stan trades a player to get us snother first rounder...depends when that pick is as to what we then take with our own pick if wr have it still...

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