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05-31-2013, 04:29 PM
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Gotta agree with most of the reviews I've seen so far. Inside and outside locations are too far one from the other. I was there wednesday afternoon, not too busy but we left at 7pm and the not so nice crowd was already starting to show up (I'm a 450 myself, I don't think that the place you come from has anything to do with how much of an ******* you are). Won't give any reviews, I'm in no way a connoisseur and I tried a lot of different ones, but I went there with the list someone posted here earlier. They don't have the New Holland Dragon's Milk Ale which I really wanted to try.

The official glass is the size of a thimble, it's ridiculous. I tried a lot of IPA, some Weissbier, and very little brown or dark ones. Not really a stout lover. Speaking for myself but I really, really like beer from brasserie Dupont. Tried the Bonx voeux this year and man is this beer is amazing. That or saison Dupont, can't go wrong. They're not the most complex ones but they are very, complete if I can say so and very refreshing. That's actually a feeling I got from most of the beers I tried thsi year, refreshing.

For Delat, it depends if you plan on going once or on multiple occasions. If you buy the glass (10$) and only go once, yeah, I'd spend at least 60$ to make sure you've tried enough to make it worth. I you go 2 or three times, split that amount and make it last longer. Either way, go with someone else, get different beers and try each one of them.

Also, like every year, all the ****** brands have some very fine looking barmaids or whatever you call them, but who wants to drink heineken or molson at a place like this... Honorable mention to Noire et Blanche brewery, apart from the dirty hippie dude, the girls were fabulous.

Edit : Oh, and a friend I met there working at Dieu du Ciel was telling us how the batch of Disco Soleil is really not as good as the last one. This is the one they have for the competition so he was not very optimistic about the reception it would get.

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