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Originally Posted by proam16 View Post
Not sure why you are comparing with Louis do not know who my kid is.
I guess the problem over there is some of the parents and the support the coach receives from the association. The coach is not allowed to coach his bench. At that level of competion - the coach should have the right to coach his bench and have support while doing it. Every other coach in the province has that some degree.
I still would not send my kid to play over there. IMO - some of those teams should have be in Dodoge cup finals consistently - but they have not been...too much medling and saying yes...So for those reasons I would not send my kid there.
I am sorry I thought you were talking about the coach. If you are talking about the associations I do not deal with them. As far as those coaches(Francis, Mullin, Lecompte) they are excellent coaches who will be under the Lac St Louis umbrella so what does it matter about the associations. All the teams(John Rennie and community) aaa and aa will be run under the watchful eye of Lac St Louis. Unless I am missing something I am sure that who ever they choose will be given the opportunity to coach their style.

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