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06-01-2013, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by MTLSandman View Post
I was thinking of going for the first time ever today, but I'm worried it's going to rain.... I've never been to any of these before, so could someone let me know how enjoyable it would be or even if it would still be "open" in crappy weather? (I'm guessing this is an outdoor event right?)
The event has 2 areas, outside and inside. At the outside area there aren't that many interesting choice other than the Italy/France/Belgium pub, Cheval Blanc and Helm. It's still open even when it rains but it's lot less enjoyable. The upside is it's less crowded when raining.

The inside area is where most of the even takes place and it's really huge so I doubt there will be any problem with overcrowding.

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