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10-06-2006, 10:30 PM
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Originally Posted by HabuseMoi View Post
our defense is pipi poor

Rivet, Souray, Niinima were all atrocious

Rivet and Souray are key elements on defense, if they blow so much, we are doomed.

Higgins is really something, he could be huge someday.

Ryder and Perez definately improved from last year

Samsonov was a puck-giving machine

Pleks has great chemistry with Kovy

Streit deserve a spot tommorow, he had a great camp.
Niniimaa atrocious???? Obviously his 2 major braincramps that led to amazing scoring chances weren't that brillant but other than that he doesn't deserve to be placed in the same category than Rivet and Souray.

Higgins could be huge someday, try today, he's huge already, this guy is Habs for life!!!! He should have a 15-year contract.....

Perez was a total different player than the preseason, Ryder is so much faster, that weight loss will be gold for him.

Samsonov is dissapoiting as of yet. I saw a couple of great passes though but I remember him being much more faster than he is now. From Shanahan to Samsonov, talk about a giant step.....

Pleks, while he seems to know that we're expecting a lot offensively needs to understand that he can't let his defensive play be sloppy like that.

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