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Originally Posted by pucci2001 View Post
I would argue Torts was unable to tap the skills of players such as Gaborik, Nash, Richards, Hagelin(on the PP at least). A real coach understands how to get his players going I can understand slumps but players that have won the Conn and gold medal winners rarely flop. He was doing something wrong and obviously he was the wrong guy for the job. They need a new coach that can maximize the talent not just keep shuffling the deck and pray to god something works out. Look at what Oates did with Ovi in Washington. Its all about fit and Tortorella was the wrong fit for this team though his hard nosed coaching might have long term benefits he isn't the coach that would ever bring your team to the promise land. I would personally say Eakins would be a good coach or Lindy Ruff though Ruff is sort of cut from the same cloth as Torts. AV would be good for the players but he has proven he can't win when it counts either. Give Eakins a shot or try for a Cinderella story with that Gretzky and Messier rumor floating around.
Gaborik had two 40 goal seasons with Torts. If that's him under a coach who can't tap into his skills, he must be a 60 goal player with the right guy. I don't know much for certain, but I would bet literally anything that Gaborik never, ever scores that much. Nash was nearly PPG all season. Richards looked like a schlub out there, it wasn't a coaching problem IMO. Hagelin isn't a great PP player and has shown no signs that he ever will be at the NHL level.

Look what Oates did for OV? OV had a monster regular season, then slacked off like he didn't care for the playoffs and his team got eliminated early - just like pretty much every Caps season before, except with a worse showing in the playoffs. If that's the "right fit," Washington should trade him, because that was a sorry excuse for a postseason from a generational goal scoring talent.

For all the talk about "the right guy," it seems odd to me to bank on the completely unrealistic scenario of a guy like Messier who has never, ever coached at any level coming in and leading the team to a cup. I expect hyperbole "anyone but Torts" crap from this board, but I hope to sweet baby jesus that the management is smarter than that. Now that they've fired Torts, they need someone better. Anything else is a colossal mistake with Henrik being in the situation he's in.

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