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10-06-2006, 10:58 PM
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skates, braces, & ankle sprains

i desperately need advice regarding *strong* ankle braces that fit inside a pair of skates.

i've had bad ankles since i was a kid- broke my right ankle & massacred the ligaments on a trampoline, and then sprained both from time to time over the next decade until i started wearing stirrup braces during any athletic activity.

when i started playing hockey a few years back, i just laced up my skates as tight as possible; i rolled & sprained the heck out of my right ankle 10 mins into my first game. i wear air-cast type braces on both ankles now, but they press so hard on the ankle joints that i can hardly think. worse, the pressure seems to be causing some kind of swelling on/around the tendons, which makes it more & more difficult to ignore.

so, my questions are:
1. are there any really strong ankle braces that are specifically manufactured to fit inside skates?
2. are there any skates that are particularly well-suited to wearing braces?
3. do i just need to get surgery on my ankles? if so, what's the procedure & general recovery time?

any advice is very much appreciated.

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