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And...the team no one thought of:

Sedin - Bäckström - Eriksson (injuries seldom happen in forums)
Steen - Söderberg - Silfverberg (rule in SEL)
Backlund - Berglund - Hagelin (could rule in Allsvenskan)
Pettersson - Larsson - Samuelsson (Ss better shooter than Lando and with more attitude, BAG (appointed captain after Mårts, see below) says to himself)
Zetterberg (slump) - Weinhandl and Mårtensson are some kind of taxi squad, together with Ericsson (F) (refuses to play defense so BAG let him sit) but plays no games. They join the parade however. Alfredsson is on vacation but is there in cognito, in his mind only. BAG is critized for us ALWAYS having to few defenders on the team. Why 9 when you can manage with six, BAG replies. BAG also gets the blame for WVS (winter vomit sickness that follows Sweden to Sotji). Karlsson plays 37 minutes in the finals and is awarded a battery and sports refreshment commercial contract. He rather wants a contract for Cook(i)e's a North American journalist tells the Ottawan (biggest newspaper there).

Gunnarsson - Karlsson (one cleaning lady and one maniac)
Hjalmarsson - Enström (ocl & om)
Öhlund - Kronwall S (Tampa won't let Hedman go, so they send a replacement, an international court in Moscow later decides after our prime minister first goes to Florida to sort things out, yes, taxpayers agree since, after all, we are the world champions)
Brodin (is better than OEL everyone says and has better stats in the autumn) - Ronnie Sundin (Edler (?) decides to go to Sotji the other way and ends up in a Mongolian prison after he faces the Staal brothers who, suspiciously found out about the whole thing and took the same flight to ULA from LAX (Los Angeles Airport) as well (dressed in women's burkhas), gets involved in a fight at the airport, knocks down the little brother and causes a hamstring on Eric, driving Reginald Donald Sherry to a heart attack home in Ontario, gets caught by the airport police as the last punch is coming towards the Hurricane and misses the whole show for two weeks, spends it on a Best Western Hotel with cable and room service, thereby serving his three games sentence (easiest time he ever did) but forces Ronnie out of retirement when he happen to be on the scene in Sotji and Tre Kronor just have to name a defender who is there in person and gets to play a few games from the quarter finals and on (Gunnarsson down with the flu and Enström agoraphobic (from the big ice) in the pool going 3 0+1 -1 with 2 penalty minutes and a total of ten minutes on the ice making Markström look like Enroth in WC in comparison. Causing Pudding (our equipment technician) to have to WRITE a name by hand on the back of a jersey for the first time. SUMDIM it spells, making Ronnie a big hero in the whole of east asia. The lifelong free meals that are promised by all restaurants in Kanton are split between Pudding and Ronnie. The Staal brothers? Lifelong suspensions from international hockey, a jury with one Kazakh and one Finn says. Another jury with an american and and a canadian rules against it later on when they found out the Staals never laid his hands on the Canuck. Don gets better, thank you, God.


Dr Lund...(Manhattan shut down because of a virus, all the millionaires are gathered in the Trump tower, OCD (google it) hits King Henrik as n o bottle's of Head & Shoulders can be found.)
Enroth? No games at all in NHL. Buffalo GM's daughter is married to Yzerman's god son. And they get along well.

Mårts is fired in the autumn for bad results in Euro Fläng Hockey. Conny turns down an invitation, Wikegård is banned by the players, even the Angry Chef (bears no resemblance with the Swedish Chef in the Muppet Show, since he gets his message out LOUD and c l e a r) maybe with Wikegård (carrot)) who becomes a candidate, but the circus all ends when BAG (stands for laisse faire) happily accepts, later winning his second olympic gold. Pettersson replicates his Globen penalty shot in the semi (Holtby reads him and pulls a Salo) but becomes nervous and hits the bar. He instantly becomes a gay icon for showing his emotions in front of the whole Eurovision Song Contest audience who fills out the expensive seats. Minus becomes plus as the olympic books are summed up). Loui nets one against Russia in the finals (assisted by a sideways sliding and head nodding Henrik Sedin). No one else does. Ovechkin stumbles in front of Gustavsson in the last minute, completely free with the puck and not one swedish JAS for hundreds of miles, and makes Putin scream out as the only one. TV-stations catch him saying something about invading Gotland causing an international squibble (squabble but without verbal interaction) and estate prices in Slite (remember Lycos?) to rise. All is coming to an end when the victims of the plane crash are remembered at the price ceremony. Switzerland brings home the bronze. Roetlichberger and Reit Im Winkl become national heroes. Canada wins the WC later in spring. Jared Staal (no. 4 or 5 (or even six) in the hierarchy) is on the team but play no games. Khungs-Trey-gar-den. Brrr.

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