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Originally Posted by Coffe View Post
Just a curious question on the health care in USA. I know that it is largely based on health insurance and private health care facilities, but what implications will Obamacare have to the common man?

Just wondering since it was deemed controversial when reinforced in 2010.

Edit: I know this is a very vague question but I'll appreciate any kind of input.
For the average person it means that an individual can't be denied insurance based on a pre-existing condition (putting the US on the moral high ground achieved by every other democracy 60 years ago) and the penalty for being a woman was largely removed. Students can stay on their parents' plan(s) for longer and poor people will be heavily subsidized by the Federal Government... for states that are participating (the Supreme Court disallowed some compulsory sections of the law). Early figures from states that are ahead of the game are showing rates that are really good.

For states that aren't participating fully, there are still going to be large gaps in coverage among the poor. The Affordable Care Act is the law of the land. The states refusing what isn't mandated are really ****ing over their own poor. It's not a stand that makes sense. They are basically turning down 90 cents of Federal funding for ever 10 cents that they spend.

For those that are more progressive, the ACA is criticized for being a love letter to the insurance companies as they are virtually guaranteed profits now whereas, they argue, a single-payer system would be cheaper without the middle-man.

Like most controversial things in America these days the actual affect on the average person isn't going to be all that great. Certainly not the doom and gloom that some have predicted. The only group that will be negatively affected in a moderate way will be those lucky enough to have "Cadillac" health plans... there will be a penalty on those since they are extremely expensive and resource intensive.

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