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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
I recognize the reference, but don't fully get how you mean to apply in this specific instance, unless you are inferring he would be trading off something as a player to be the dedicated coach.
Reference was somewhat being used as if Callahan was already captain and already is a dressing room leader, so it may be a bit redundant in making him head coach. But, it is quite an interesting standpoint to pay him half cap say 4mil as coach and 1 mil as player. 1mil cap hit. Helps the team and the player. Good thinking Bern.

While that is a risk and a danger, I don't consider it an appreciable one.
This is why I said we give him support, i.e., I meant somebody for X and Os, somebody for practices, somebody for video review, somebody like Underhill for skating.
Definitely. Underhill would make an excellent assistant coach to work with players skating ability. Skating is very integral in today's league. She can also work on the bench as a motivator.

All he needs do is coordinate all the help, any problems complain to Sather, who will remind Cally is running this part of the show. His only main responsibility besides showing up to play is running the locker room.

So yeah, with the support, I see he pulls it off.

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