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Originally Posted by MTLSandman View Post
Nice list, a lot of thought went into this so good job!
I'd like to see how that scales compared to other teams drafting percentage.

Nonetheless nice work, by you and Timmins lol
A short glimpse through Detroit picks gives me a strong impression that we outperform them.

Los Angeles does much better than Detroit but they also had may top picks.
Same with Pens.
Bruins did good but the trade with the leafs definitively helped a lot by giving them top picks.
Chicago also did OK but they had a few bust with top picks.

All in all comparing the results of Timmins against those teams shows very impressive results.
We have to remember that Timmins had only two top-5 picks and one 10th pick.
The rest of first round picks are higher: 12, 17, 18, 18, 20, 22...

I think that classifying picks by round does not represent the real value. I would rather see:
  • top-5;
  • 6-15;
  • 16-30;
  • Round 2 (31-60);
  • Round 3 (61-90);
  • Round 4 and 5;
  • Round 6 and 7.
or something similar.

Something else I would like from Habs management would be to see them get more FA players that have been left a la Desharnais, St-Louis (once every 10 years), Burrows, etc.

Hopefully, the new management team will help Timmins in fine tuning these picks.
Also, we will see in a year or two the first benefits of our development.
By increasing the resources devoted to finding and developing players we should have an extra edge over most teams in the league.

When you think about it, it is a very good investment: one bottom player cost 1M. For every 1M you can have 4-5 scouts (including expenses) that will give you help.
Plus, these costs are decreased by the part that would be devoted in revenue sharing.

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