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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
But while players, including popular ones, went on to coach post career, haven't had a player coach in a long time.

Novelty of it works for league, if they wanna be smart and think outside the box.
That of course is a lot to ask people.

There would then be the inevitable comparison.
Is he doing better or worse than a non-player coach?
Yeah I can just see it now.
Father: "Baby, get the kids dressed in their finest, we're heading to the hockey!"
Wife: "Oh honey, you know I don't like sports; and the kids have school tomorrow."
Father: "But the Rangers are in town. You know, that team with the guys who capatins and coaches."
Wife: "Hang on, a guy captains and coaches? Well this I got to see, I'll get my coat!"

There's no novelty. Outside of HF nerds (and we don't represent the 'average' fan) no one would give a hoot.

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