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10-07-2006, 07:12 AM
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Originally Posted by orcatown View Post
Look anyone who passed on Kopitar, with the exception of Pittsburg, and took anyone else - including the Canucks taking Bourdon- missed the boat. Only one who is going to challenge Kopitar this year for top rookie is Malkin. Imagine how Burke feels about taking Ryan.

Montreal sure the heck should have taken Brule over Price. I've watched both of them plenty in the WHL and it's Brule hands down.
Kopitar was ranked with Brule, Ryan, Pouliot in much of our pre-draft hand-wringing debates around here. That is, after we knew we'd be picking #5... before the format was known, we actually did branch out a lot more, and there was of course support for the usual suspects like Bourdon, Latendresse, Bourret, Staal, which in perhaps a very few isolated cases continued after knowing that we had #5, but was by-and-large forgotten about.

I'd say that Brule and Kopitar were the top two choices from here going in. But as the draft showed, a lot of NHL teams picked up on the worry about Kopitar's background, considered him a risky choice. I don't know if too many teams will kick themselves too hard if he turns out to have been the best of the bunch, just because there is a bit of security in numbers, and a handful of teams are in the same boat in passing over him, despite his high ranking. As long as the player picked instead of Kopitar isn't an outright bust, nobody will get too seriously worked up about it... also in part because the draft format excuse is always there to fall back on too... I mean, hey, we never could have expected or deserved to get a #5 pick anyway, right, so if we don't end up with the absolute best player we could have, but just get a good one, it's still a bonus.

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