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10-07-2006, 11:07 AM
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yeah, yeah. is that supposed to be surprising? or is that related to our discussion here laus723? i don't think so. broduer is great. who'd argue that? if had to choose between the two right now to put a team together for a year or two, i'd probably choose marty. but he's one of the top goalies in the history of the game and he's still very good. if i'm signing someone long term, i'd probably go with louie if the choice was between the two. also, there are some other guys out there that'll be better than louie on a given night. not more than a few though and not on many nights. none of that pertains to my original point, though. to say that luongo sucks or that the team is better off without him is, IMNSHO ludicrous. this club is in a precarious situation right now thanks to this trade. very precarious. i'm hoping we have a great year but if things don't work out with bertuzzi...
When did laus723 say Roberto sucks exactly? Furthermore, when was the last time Florida scored 8 goals on opening night with Luongo in net again? You can at least remember that far back right?

let's talk a little more about rebound control though. explain to me exactly where you think louie's weak? is it the fact he doesn't kick shots out to the corner, like we saw raycroft do a couple of times last night? or is his blocker weak? is it point shots? where, specifically, do you think his weakness lies?
Let's put it this way...if he had better control, he wouldn't have seen as many shots as he did in the past but he likes facing a lot of shots because if he makes one great save every 10 or so shots a game, he can leave the glove in the air and showboat for his fans like he did something other than what he's paid to do. Wonder how long it will take for his hotdogging displays to show themselves in Vancouver?

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