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06-01-2013, 10:32 PM
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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
RB, you are possibly our most knowledgeable and respected poster. I usually agree with you, so I take utmost care to qualify my conditional disagreement with you.

Hypothetically a draft pick for an existing player, at 1 for 1, assuming the only thing you are doing is getting younger, and making cap space, not much else, I see what you are saying. A guy like Miller gets here, and best case scenario he's closer to up to full speed by his second season, and that's a hard working guy with decent hockey IQ. Too many of those and you lose the window on guys like Callahan. I get it.

However, there are scenarios where we move players for picks and add depth. That should not be overlooked. We need more horses as well as improved quality. We are just catching up thanks to Gordie Clark, but I look at how well Chicago is demonstrating what I'm saying.

Then above and beyond that, is the utility of cap space which we could do if we were really careful. The cap space = temporary FAs to put us over. What do I mean?

I made a comprehensive post early on which I won't duplicate.
It suggested using McD to get the 1st overall AND convert MDZ into a talent upgrade (Duncan Siemens). Staal for 5th overall +, because that payment won't be there next year.

So, my point is if we get MULTIPLES of guys like Siemens (8th overall?) then yeah, there is still chance something can go wrong, but percentage wise, odds are still in your favor. PLUS you moved McDonagh, so you don't have to allocate pay raise. [Again, I won't do the entire thing again, but I did show we could add D with upside, guys like Maracin, Klefbom from Oilers, consider a play for Jones at 2 overall.]

So I agree, clearly this team does have good assets, but a lot of it has to go, and we need to acquire new +improved assets to do so. I don't believe, therefore, we should turn down any trade opportunity which nets enough profit for us, even if that profit is in uncertain futures, as long as the number of assets acquired and the anticipated performance of the draftee based on rank makes enough sense.

If we move enough vets for enough primo assets, we will have created cap, and can do 1 year only gamble on guys like Viktor Stralberg, etc for more upgrade.

I can't for the life of me figure out if you're trolling or if you truly believe it's a good idea to turnover this much of the roster. Those are 3 of our top 4 defensemen.

Also, it should be noted, if we trade away this much of our roster in one off season and struggle next year (which is highly likely if we overturn yet again a huge chunk of our roster) then we are basically guaranteeing that Henrik leaves next off season. He's 31 and in his prime. He doesn't have time to even play a season or two of non competing years where the kids develop.

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