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06-01-2013, 11:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Habiton View Post
Hence the point of using averages. Once you get into the "advanced" statistics your opening yourself up to more error based on subjectivity. Clearly you think this is useless, although I would appreciate you not being so passive aggressive about it. It is a simple calculation based on a team with no extra advantages. Over the past 9 drafts we have had two top 5 selections and the others were mostly in the 15-25 range which I would say would be on par to be average. Sure you can ***** and complain about the first round and to a point I agree (not in this case due to our low amount of high selection). Third round +, even Second round + unless your in a fantastic position it really doesn't mean much at all.

Maybe next time you should try to post something relevant instead of attacking my methods, some of us are here to look at the stats and see what they really mean. Not a strict or advanced statistical analysis that 1% of the members on this board will ever understand nor should they but
I liked your post and I like the numerous ones I've seen like it. I'm merely pointing out how things could be done better.

Originally Posted by Habiton View Post
an easy way to see how Timmins has been more successful than the average scout in the league.
Everybody knew that already, so what are you contributing that's new?

Originally Posted by Habiton View Post
I will just have an additional member on my ignore list.
If you're going to go ballistic everytime someone engages with your posts, then you will have a massive ignore list. You can put me on ignore, I don't care, but I recommend you grow a thicker skin.

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