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06-02-2013, 12:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Barry Dylan View Post
Uncharted and story depth don't belong in the same sentence. It's a fun game but should be looked at the same way a summer action flick is. The only problem is it's trying to be a movie and in the end will always fall short.
lol, at least I know now to play games you don't like and pass on games you like! Seems like we disagree on all games.

Originally Posted by Wheatley View Post
What was the story about again? I seriously don't remember, and I only played the game a few months ago. It was completely forgettable. Not awful, just very meh.

And concerning the AI, you would get cornered by a bunch of bad guys, but they were so bad that I could pretty much just walk up to them and shoot them in the head lol. That's another thing I guess. The game was SO EASY.

I was actually thinking at some points throughout the game, "This might be favorite game if I was 12 years old". That's probably the best way to describe Uncharted 3. Any adult gamer probably wouldn't like it very much.
Sorry my post was harsh, I was pissed off before (not at you).

The game might be easy on Normal. Play on the hardest level though. It's a freaking *****.

I know lots of people over the age of 12. Hell, my grandfather made me play through the entire first game one night because he started watching and loved the story.

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