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06-02-2013, 07:11 AM
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Interval sprinting/biking (or any other kind of cardio, really) will help very much. I've never done it but I'd imagine doing this nature of training with skating would be beneficial.

This is done as an alternating high/low intensity workout. You'd warm up, of course, and upon being ready to go you would aim for 30-60 seconds based on your abilities of high intensity work (sprint, bike, gym bike fast @ high level, etc.), followed by 60-120 seconds (based on your recovery requirements) of lower-intensity work to catch your breath and let your body recover a bit.

I'm sure there are dozens of routines out there but my go-to for the past 10 years or so had always been to do it 3x per week, every other day at the most frequent, and to begin with only 3-4 rounds of high/low to correctly gauge your body's abilities and to let yourself gear up for it. Every other session, add another round of high/low. I do 60 seconds high, 60-90 seconds low, personally.

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