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Originally Posted by Freaky Habs Fan View Post
I know you don't like our scouting staff, but why all the hate? What are you expecting from a scouting staff?
To me, Timmins is great. As my avatar states...he's, right now, Habs MVP. No doubt about that. But that's for 2 reasons. He's been doing great things....but it also prooves that nobody else, as of now, as stepped up to be a MVP. Which is also sad...

Now, what I'm expecting from a scouting group is to be able to find us the guy that we can,t have through trades or UFA's. We know that this UFA market is a tough market. You are not able to attract in that market real game changing players for years and years. Prust will be fine....and somehow is able to change our game but that's because we sucked in the department for quite some time. On any other tougher team, Prust just fills a place. Here...he comes as a hero. And our others UFA's.....Cammy, Gionta well...good little players. Except for 1 playoff...they did not were able to change our game and culture. Cammy gave us Bourque, which we hope will be able to do in a regular basis...still to be proven.

And trades well, there are less trades than ever. Thanks to that great salary cap. So the draft it is....and while we were able to provide quantity....we had more trouble with quality, though it's not all black and white. We also were able to find some gems that are no longer with us so that's not a scouting fault. But we have to admit that somehow, Timmins 1st rounders are mostly underwhelming than the rest of his draft. Since 2003, we are still waiting for Price to become a consistent goalie. We hope that MaxPac will become the player he once proved he could become. And we can wait for Tinordi to show us what he's able to do. But that's it. Others are totally unproven, became flops, or have been rather okay. And while people keep saying that we can't do miracles because you don't have regular top 5 players, which is true, Timmins was able to be better with players AFTER his 1st rounders...further from the top 5.

So the pressure is there for our market and based on what Bergevin keeps repeating....OUR key is the draft. If it is, we have to expect a couple of things from this present management. If it's REALLY the case, you have to add more people to the scouting group. DONE. You have to scout everywhere...seems to be DONE. You have to hire some of the best in the business....REMAINS TO BE SEEN. But as a GM, you mostly have to recognize what your team is all about. What I mean is that if you think you stink....go and get more picks for the upcoming draft. Try to trade your players for additional 1st rounders or 2nd rounders. ONLY if you stink. But even if you don't, you still might be able to get rid of some of the players you can get rid of because of the depth you were able to build and get additional draft picks. So that's what I'm expecting from a GM. Like I said before...hated Gauthier but we will be having fun in this upcoming draft because of him. If it against comes to that, Bergevin will need to be as awaken. Now, the idea is that it NEVER comes to that as it will be a proof that we are slowly improving and on our way to become a contender. Teams in our conference have improved and will be building themselves that way. Add Detroit and add a better managed Columbus...and geez, it won't be easy.

But going back to the scouting group, I would be expecting better 1st rounders no matter where we picked. 'Cause it is possible to do as TONS of 2nd rounders have become key players in this league. If those 2nd rounders have become probably means that teams should have picked them in the 1st round instead. I also means that it's a crapshoot. Well teams that are becoming contenders have build with that crapshoot. From Lucic, to Marchand, to Bergeron, Krejci and Co. To Quick, Kopitar and Co, those 2 teams were able to do it differently than Chicago and Pittsburgh. Yet, those latter 2 teams were also able to add a few pieces of their own to make them better. But we all know that it started with Kane, Toews, Crosby and Malkin...that's for sure.

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