Thread: Confirmed with Link: Daniel Přibyl does not receive an offer.
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06-02-2013, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Dr Gonzo View Post
Corey Pronman ‏@coreypronman 3m
Montreal did not sign 4th round pick F Olivier Archambault (former 1st overall QMJHL pick) and 6th round pick F Daniel Pribyl.

I liked this kid, but I suppose you can't sign all your prospects.
My guess would be that it has more to do with his physical issues (lack of speed/mobility/skating) but the contract limit should also be considered depending on what management has in mind for the off-season. It will be interesting to see what the plans are once QO's go out as the Habs currently sit at 34 players under contract for next season with 9 RFA's, 7 UFA's, plus 3 contracts that will likely slid unless they somehow make the NHL. With the likely buyout of Kabs and several players likely not coming back from the 16 players that were under contract last season but aren't as of yet for next.

Plus the new management may have some additional players in mind so it's impossible to know how much the contract limit came into play. I liked Pribyl and would have signed him to see if they can help him get quicker but I also thought it would take a lot of work as he looks like a Moose on skates so his mobility may just be limited.

Originally Posted by CaptainIginla View Post
2011 was such a disgusting draft for the Canadiens (including Beaulieu, always wanted Brandon Saad)
too early to really say. everyone is going to have players they wanted the Habs to take that in hindsight shows they were right and the Habs were wrong. 2011 still has a ways to go since it could yield a few surprises depending on how things go, but at worst we have 5 D prospects from that draft in the organization and I'd be willing to bet at least 2 of them end up full time NHLers but perhaps we get lucky as things have gone very well for 3 this past season (Dietz, Beaulieu, Nygren) and Didier is something we could use more of. But of course it could also go the other way and end up one of Timmins worst drafts only time will tell.

Originally Posted by MonkeyBusiness View Post
Including Beaulieu? What are you talking about? Beaulieu had a great first season in the AHL and improved drastically defensively. He is exactly what we will be missing when Markov's no longer with the team. It's annoying that alot of people on this board don't like Beaulieu.
I'd say Beaulieu had a very good first season, not sure i'd call it great though but everyone's definition of great or very good will vary. I don't agree that he improved drastically defensively, that to me is a big over statement as Beaulieu showed major holes in his own end.

If you get annoyed that a lot of people on this board don't like Beaulieu, my suggestion for the future will be to avoid threads on him cause he's going to get his fair share of hate in game day threads just as he will get his props as well since it's a very fickle bunch and the bi-polar nature of Hab fans will likely lead to them loving and hating Beaulieu as he's likely going to be a player that does a lot of good things to get fans excited and he's likely going to do a lot of bad things with the puck in his own end that could end up costly mistakes here and there.

Originally Posted by Habiton View Post
The lesson here imo is that we need all of our picks to be an effective franchise. I dont like trading picks away because we, as an organization, have invested so much resources, man power and time into our scouting staff that every pick has a chance to be something special. No sense to give that away for guys like Dominic Moore and James Wisneiwski (although I really liked both of them, if we are going to give assets to get them we need to sign them!).
I don't think the lesson here needs to be that all our picks have to be effective, since that's just an un-realistic approach and imo not necessary. The Habs in the past have had their fair share of trouble with asset management among other things, so improvement there would be great to see but one can also see why those picks were moved. In hindsight it won't look as wise but at the time when you are trying to make the playoffs gms sometimes make rash moves since making the playoffs or advancing further will likely help their career in the future.

Going forward, I don't see why management can't trade picks, if they get good value for them or are a part of a package that improves the Habs. To me, whatever it takes to improve the Habs, trade any asset for the right price/return.

Originally Posted by Galchenyuk4habs View Post
Shame, I heard he was the most improved prospect of the habs this year, he's also 6'4" now. Was really hoping to see him make the club, he is/was our biggest forward prospect. I was hoping for him to develop to another late-round European gem :/
I would say that Nygren, Dietz or Dumont should be the most improved prospect.

Originally Posted by dcal64 View Post
Too funny, Nattinen is almost 2 years younger than Quailer, and you think it's especially too early for Quailer, should be the other way around.

Nattinen played well in Hamilton, he's just getting injured too often. Hopefully he can be injury free next year and prove the naysayers on this board wrong.
I like Nattinen more then Quailer, although I don't have much hope for either at this point although i'm willing to see what both can do next year since they will be playing for a contract.

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