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Originally Posted by Mario Lemieux fan 66 View Post
I just state a fact. If Mcdonagh was still a Habs the Habs will not have been able to draft him. We can't remake the past we can only hope that the Habs direction learn from the mistakes of the last two GM ( no short term patch that hurt the future and a better management of the assets).
Yeah, but the same people who keeps criticizing the "hindsight" way of seeing things are actually also using hindsight to explain things which for me makes on sense.

And i don't get how McDonagh being part of the Habs would mean we would not have drafted Galchenyuk. We had Subban and we still drafted Galchenyuk. You had McDo, maybe he doesn't have the type of development he has with the Rags right now, we would have probably be more reserved with him etc...There is just no indication that we would not have drafted Galchy.

'Cause if you play that game....we could play tons of games. You don't do that trade, and if you believe like some do, that no Gomez, means no Gionta and no Cammy (which I don't believe but let say we do...), it means we don't make the playoffs. I mean McDo is great, but McDo in 2009-2010 does not equal Gomez, Gionta and Cammy. Which means we don't make the playoffs. And as you noted...we would not have replaced Koivu appropriately so we really don't make the playoffs.

So if you say that this McDo trade does not give us Galchy, which I don,t agree, well I can say that this trade did not permit us to get Hall, Seguin, Gudbranson, Skinner, Fowler, Tarasenko etc...Yet, we were still able to get our hands on Tinordi which is a pretty good player nonetheless DESPITE us finishing bottom 4 based on our ECF. But strangely, nobody cares about that as it gave us a ECF. So that's my in semi-finals or in finals and that's the ultimate goal. As much as I'M a draft freak, I'm mostly a win freak as everybody is. Getting better draft picks is just consolation when you don't win.

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