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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
I liked your post and I like the numerous ones I've seen like it. I'm merely pointing out how things could be done better.

Everybody knew that already, so what are you contributing that's new?

If you're going to go ballistic everytime someone engages with your posts, then you will have a massive ignore list. You can put me on ignore, I don't care, but I recommend you grow a thicker skin.
I didn't see anywhere where you noted in your post that you liked my post. you started off saying why it's useless then you went on to try and get someone with hockey knowledge to help you make a more accurate one. I have no problems with criticism if you think I did something wrong or you disagree with my evaluation of a player please let me know. That being said for you to come in here call it useless and ask for someone to help you best it all the while thinking that your positively contributing to this discussion is a little ridiculous no?

This is a message board, not real life. If people want to bash me they go on the ignore list, this is supposed to be a fun place to discuss and debate not rage and spread hate.

Back onto the post, I am open to assigning a multiplier based on where a player is selected, however I'm not sure of an objective way to insert that. Does anyone have a suggestion? Perhaps I can set up a poll and take the average from there.

In response to another post, I evaluate a "star" player as someone who has made the all star team, has had a tremendous season and is valued by experts to be top 5 in terms of value at his position. PK and Price conform to that standard to me, if you don't believe so that's fine it doesn't change Timmins hit rate. Just changes the chances of getting an impact player (+ively) and getting a star player (-ively)

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