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Originally Posted by madhi19 View Post
We don't know who really in trouble but the Panthers for example just managed to modify their lease to include a two years out clause if the revenues are bellow a certain threshold for two years in a row they can break their lease. The Sharks are making cash call after every season not a big deal for their big pocket owners but the moment these fat cat get tired of their toys it can get dicey. Tampa is secure as long as Vinik own them but how long is that gonna last? Usually hedge fund manager want to cash out sooner or later on their investment. The Blue Jacket are set in Columbus until 2039 except they only have a $36 million get out of jail tax... Beside Gary does not want a landing spot ready at all time just for financial reason. What happen if god forbid an arena burn to the ground one day? It bad news in healthy market but it would be catastrophic in any of the marginal market.
If there were ever a situation like the Hornets had where a natural disaster forced them to relocate, there are plenty of arenas around north america where a team could crash for a season or 2.

IIRC QC once hosted a team on 9 days notice. I don't remember where I read that though

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