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Originally Posted by Habiton View Post
I didn't see anywhere where you noted in your post that you liked my post. you started off saying why it's useless then you went on to try and get someone with hockey knowledge to help you make a more accurate one.
I just double-checked, I didn't use the word "useless".

Originally Posted by Habiton View Post
have no problems with criticism if you think I did something wrong or you disagree with my evaluation of a player please let me know.
You obviously have a major problem with mere suggestions, never mind criticisms.

Originally Posted by Habiton View Post
That being said for you to come in here call it useless and ask for someone to help you best it all the while thinking that your positively contributing to this discussion is a little ridiculous no?
It's not ridiculous to point out that this can be done a lot better with a few hours of work.

Look man, you spent about 30 minutes looking up draft lists on hockeydb/wikipedia and then showed that Timmins is "above average": something we all already knew from having seen other people including ourselves do the exact same trick numerous times. Did you expect to be celebrated as a hero for your groundbreaking insight?

I'll tell you what, if you actually have not seen that same post before, elsewhere, and you came up with the idea on your own, then kudos to you. But really, since that post has been written 100 times, and we don't learn anything new when somebody else writes the same post, it's valid to ask how it can be done better.

But if you have not seen it before, then great. I wrote a similar post in 2008 or so when I was just starting to read hockey message boards.

Originally Posted by Habiton View Post
onto the post, I am open to assigning a multiplier based on where a player is selected, however I'm not sure of an objective way to insert that. Does anyone have a suggestion? Perhaps I can set up a poll and take the average from there.
It's an easy thing to do, just use where the player is selected as the rank. They come sorted, some players are selected 1st, some 2nd, and so on.

The harder part is evaluating players. You cannot sort the impact of players as well as you can sort their draft rank.

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